FAQs : Kent Chilli Garden



Q – I live in “X” country, can I buy from your store?
A – Yes! We ship globally, with very reasonable rates and an option for recorded delivery. Please note that you will be responsible for any customs issues or charges at your end.

Q – How quickly will I get my order?
A – With the exception of plug plants, every item for sale in our store is in stock and we aim to despatch all orders within 1 working day. From then on it’s in the hands of the Royal Mail.

Q – I’d like advice on how to care for my plants / have a random question about chillies, who can I contact?
A – Please take a look at our guides and info pages, which we are adding to all the time. If you cannot find the answer there please use our contact page, or email chilliman@kentchilligarden.co.uk and I’m sure we’ll be able to help.

Q – How long will my seeds last?
A – If stored correctly (kept dry in the bag they were sent to you in, in a cool dark place) they will remain viable for several years!

Q – How hot is your Moruga Scorpion chilli powder?
A – This has been a popular question fo some time, so we had a sample analysed. The result came back at just under 1.2million SHU, which is consistent with the average rating for these chillies. Seriously hot stuff, and in fine powder form the surface area is increased so you get all the heat hit you at once. It's also a touch uncomfortable if you breathe it in... The fact that the chilli man here will not even pour it from a storage jar into a test tube without gloves, airtight goggles and a stage 2 respirator gives speaks for itself!!
Take a look at the product page for a copy of the test results.

Q – Why do you sell on eBay and on this website?
A – We sell a limited range of products on eBay, simply because some people browse eBay and buy things by chance, and it advertises our product range. You will get exactly the same level of service and support buying from eBay or from this site – except this site is a touch cheaper, and by registering as a customer here you have the option of subscribing to our newsletter and accessing special offers not available on eBay.

Q – Why are you on twitter, facebook and google+? All the posts look the same.
A – We post the same updates, new products launches, special offers and info to all social media sites so people can pick which one they prefer to follow. But you can follow all of them if you want to.

Q – Do you have a shop or nursery we can come to look around?
A – Unfortunately no, we run a private plant nursery which is not insured to be open to the public. We will answer any questions you have as best we can by email, and all purchases are via post or courier, with one possible exception (see next answer)

Q – Can I collect my order from you?
A – As above, unfortunately not. However we occasionally attend farmers markets and suchlike and you can buy from us there. Please keep an eye on our social media pages for any announcements. Also as an additional service, if you are in Kent and within a 30minute drive from the ME10 postcode we may consider delivering plants to you at the same cost as postage. Please contact us to discuss this.

Q – Do you sell full grown plants?
A – No we don’t. You may find the occasional one that has been grown on a bit at a farmers market, but the cost of a courier that will not damage them makes selling large plants impractical.

Q – What are hydroponics and how do they work?
A – How long have you got? Hydroponic comes literally from hydro “of water” + Greek ponos “labour” – meaning that “water is doing the work”. Hydroponic growing is when you grow a plant directly in a water based nutrient solution, with no soil or solid growth medium. There are many different methods of doing this, dependant on what you are growing, available space, and of course budget. We think that the cost of most pre-build, bespoke hydro systems are absolutely outrageous! Very effective systems can be built with a little DIY skill and a basic guide. So - look out for the KCG guide to building and running your own hydro systems coming soon!

Q – Can you get “x” chilli seeds for me?
A – Most probably yes. We have an extensive stock of seeds and plants that are not for sale on the website, primarily because we do not have them in retail quantities and are growing them ourselves for our own enjoyment or development reasons. So if you have a specific requirement it’s always worth asking. We also know some very reliable hobby growers and others in our business, so if we don’t have it we may be able to put you in touch with someone who does or get it for you. We do not stock and sell on seeds from other suppliers or growers though, so this would be a special case.