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Seed Info

As a chilli grower of some years, one thing has constantly frustrated me. I picked my favourite new variety, bought seeds, planted them and waited like an excited child for them to germinate, then lovingly tended them through various potting stages until finally, months later, it started setting pods. That’s when I thought “that doesn’t look like a …… “

Sound familiar? I’ve bought a lot of seeds (and even some plug plants) over the years, and this has happened to me far more times than I think is reasonable. Mostly from apparently “reputable” sellers too (not that I’m in the business of naming names however).

ALL of the seeds for sale at Kent Chilli Garden are harvested directly from plants grown by us. That is the only way we can be sure of what we are selling you – you will get the variety you ask (and pay) for! We NEVER outsource or resell seeds!

There is one thing that we feel it only right to make you aware of though – again most seed retailers are in exactly the same position (but precious few will admit to it)

Although our plants are isolated during pollination to ensure purity, other species of chilli are grown on the same premises. This means that there is an outside chance of cross pollination. We plant from the same seed stock as those we offer to you here, and in 5 years of growing hundreds of seeds from our own stock have only had three unexpected cross pollinated plants.
Seeds are recovered from hundreds of pods from multiple plants of the same variety and mixed, so if there is a cross pollinated pod the chances of getting a seed from it will be over 100:1.

That said, the constant development in the race for the next hottest Super Hot Chilli is done by selectively cross breeding different varieties, so the occasional hybrid isn't necessarily a bad thing! If you do get the odd occasional weird and wonderful looking pod start to develop it might just be the next record breaker!