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Food Products

Yes, even chilli powder is a food!

When buying food I like to know a little about where it came from. When buying over the internet that can be difficult. That chilli powder on eBay looks like it may well have been made in some guys potting shed… and it might be absolutely fine, excellent even - but how do we know what’s in it or how it’s been prepared..? Well short answer is, we don’t.

To go some way to assuring you of good standards, Kent Chilli Garden is an authority registered Food Business Establishment, and as such complies with Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 (on the hygiene of foodstuffs). That means everything is prepared in a clean hygienic environment, and is properly labelled to comply with the Food Standards Agency Labelling Guidance.

Last inspection carried out on 25/11/2013 by Swale Borough Council, with a Food Hygiene Scheme Rating of 5 (very good).