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Plug Plants

Kent Chilli Garden offers plug plants for sale, available through pre-order and despatched when they are strong and healthy enough to survive a trip through the post with minimal stress. We aim to send all orders out in mid to late March, but that is of course weather dependant. We’re not certain quite where they will spend the night on their way through the postal or courier system, but if it’s a freezing cold warehouse or van then it won’t do them any good, so we will if necessary hold off despatch until the overnight temperature is a bit more forgiving. We will send email updates to everyone who purchases plants to keep them up to date with expected delivery dates

Why plug plants instead of seeds?

It’s a personal choice really. Some people enjoy the challenge of germinating seeds and seeing them break the surface. Some people really struggle to get the conditions right and don't have much success germinating from seeds, and others have limited space or facilities to set up heated light controlled propagators.

We do however. Our environmentally controlled propagation room means that we can germinate and grow any chilli type all year round. So by getting plug plants instead of seeds you’ll get as early a start on your plants as possible, which is particularly useful for some of the longer season chinense varieties. The only restrictive factor on when we can send them out is the weather, and of course the lighting and heat would need to be right at their destination.

Now the term “plug” plant could mean a number of things. You will not get a weak seedling that has just popped it’s head above the surface! Here’s what you WILL get;

  • An established plant that we can just about cram into the packaging, and will generally be around 8-9cm tall.
  • All plants are grown in premium organic, biodegradable plugs or rockwool cubes, which when they arrive will be ready to transplant directly into the medium of your choice (suitable for hydroponic or standard soil growth).
  • Much like our seeds policy , our plants we sell will ONLY come from seeds harvested from KCG grown plants, which is the only way we can be sure of what we are selling. There is of course the very remote chance of crossbreeding, so if you get something unusual or unexpected come up please let us know (we’d be fascinated to see it!).

This is an example of a Bhut Jolokia plug ready to ship. It is 9cm tall (which is about the limit that our packaging allows) and will be ready to pot on as soon as it arrives.

Like everything for sale at Kent Chilli Garden, if you are not satisfied or have any issues with your plants please get in touch, and we will do our best to put it right.