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Bhut Jolokia (Chocolate) Chilli Seeds


Bhut Jolokia Chocolate (Capsicum chinense)

Chocolate Bhut Jolokia chillies are believed to be a natural variant of the red/orange Bhut Jolokia, the original "Superhot" chilli and Guiness Record holder between 2007-2011, exceeding the magic 1 million Schovilles.

In our experience the chocolate version (so named for it's colour, not flavour) has similar heat levels to the red Bhut, and chillies from our stock seem to have a large amount of placental tissue, which contains the highest concentration of capsaicin (the chemical in chillies which produces the heat sensation).

Plants are large and bushy, with ours averaging 1.2m high with a spread of around 1m, and are one of the most prolifically fruiting varieties we grow. With proper care you can easily expect to get well over 100 pods from a single plant of this size.

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