Bhut Jolokia (White) Chilli Seeds - £2.30 : Kent Chilli Garden

Bhut Jolokia (White) Chilli Seeds


White Bhut Jolokia (capsicum chinense)

This very rare chilli plant is a white version of the Bhut Jolokia chilli. Unlike many other "white" chillies (many of which end up orange or yellow when mature) this does actually produce white (ish) pods, which start out as a very light green and mature to a pale creamy colour - and are definitely the whitest chilli pod I have come across.
Pods are the same size as a standard Bhut, although slightly fatter and smoother in texture, which makes me wonder if there is some habanero bred into the development of this variety..? That said, the heat is distinctly on a par with the standard Bhut! They also share the same citrus flavour, and make a delicious and deceptively innocent looking hot sauce.

You could say that this is the closest thing you can get to a proper "ghost" chilli!

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