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Black Naga / Pimenta de Neyde Chilli Seeds


Black Naga / Pimenta de Neyde (capsisum chinense)

This is a KCG breed, still in it’s early stages (F3).
The result is a plant that shows typical characteristics of both parents. The plant itself has purple stems and a purple tint in the leaf. It’s a pretty big one too – the pic below shows a 2nd year plant at in a 47cm pot and around 2m tall.

The pods are smooth and elongated in shape, with thick crunchy flesh and a superb smoky flavour. Heatwise it is untested, it’s certainly not as hot as the mother naga, and I’d put it somewhere on a par with a hot habanero, which is still very warm! The unusual thing I love about the pods is that as they grow they are green, but turn purple, almost black, where exposed to light. But right before they ripen they suddenly go bright green again, then slowly ripen to a chocolate brown colour. Maybe we are easily pleased here at KCG, but it fascinates us!

If buying seeds, please note that at this stage approximately a third of all seeds are reverting back to the mother black naga plant (which isn’t a bad thing) and there may yet still be some unexpected variations.

If buying a plug plant, we will select a purple stemmed plant to send you.

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