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Numex Piquin Chilli Seeds


Numex Piquin (capsisum annuum)

This is very much an ornamental chilli, as the pods are quite possibly the worst tasting we’ve ever had!
The plant is easy to grow, but can be large for an ornamental. If it isn’t pinched out it can grow very tall – below is a pic of one of ours in a 10l pot, it is 9 months old and as you can see it is 2m tall! If left these almost always adopt that small “standard tree” type shape, which we actually quite like. You can pinch them out though and make a smaller, bushier plant.
The pods are shaped like small bullets, and grow upright. They begin a dark purple colour, then ripen to a bright orange. They are extremely thin skinned, packed full of seeds, and have a sour (and moderately hot) juice in them. As mentioned, they taste awful – the same sort of flavour as those berries your parents always told you not to eat as a child!

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