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Super Chilli Seeds


Super Chilli (capsicum annuum)

This compact little chilli is sometimes called an ornamental variety - it is certainly very pretty to look at. However it is also a superb eating chilli, being closely related to the Thai Dragon (or Birds Eye Chilli). One of the easiest chilli plants to grow, it has even been awarded an RHS Award of Garden Merit! It must be good then!

The plants are very well suited to pot growing, only reaching around half a metre high, and have a very bushy habit. They produce many (a good couple of hundred!) pods, starting quite early in the season and they keep going all the while the weather holds out. This means there are almost always chillies on the plant at every stage of growth - green, orange, and red.

The pods thenselves are thin walled and have good flavour, and are great for asian dishes in particular. They are deceptive little firecrackers too, with a very pleasant 40-50,000 Schoville Unit heat, which lights up the taste buds nicely! Being thin walled they dry easily, and are one of the better varieties to keep frozen too.

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