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C04321 Chilli Seeds


C04321 (capsicum baccatum)

This is a rare and unusual looking chilli indeed. Plants are typically baccatum in their growing habits being medium to large; ours are 1.5m tall with a similar spread. The branches are a little vinelike, so it will most likely need some support – especially when it starts to bear fruit, as it puts out a lot of quite large, quite heavy pods. This is where this one gets interesting, as the pod shape is quite unusual (see pics below)

Flavour wise these have a mild sweet taste, and very crunchy flesh. The heat is mild, and concentrated in the placental tissue, so much so that the flesh at the bottom of the pods has no heat at all. Perfect for a mild salsa, in salads, or anything else that takes you fancy.

Summary; easy to grow, prolific fruiters, and tasty versatile pods. Must for your grow list!

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