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Bhutlah (brown) Chilli Seeds


Brown Bhutlah (Capsicum chinense)

This brown version of the bhutlah is getting quite a bit of chilli press lately, reported by chilli testers as being the next superhot crown winner. We have even seen eBay ads stating that it is “10 times hotter than the Carolina Reaper”. Now there’s a claim (and if you believe it, I guess you deserve to be ripped off on eBay...)

We wouldn’t go quite that far (and certainly wouldn’t make any claims until we’d had it tested) but this is certainly a very hot pod indeed. As for stability, to be honest we are not sure (we believe our seeds come from an F6, but no guarantees) However all of the plants we grew this season were large, robust, and produced pods with reasonably uniform size, shape, and heat. They taste pretty good too, so record breaker or not, it’s still worth putting aside some space in the greenhouse for.

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