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Moruga Scorpion (red) Chilli Seeds


Trinidad Moruga Scorpion (Capsicum chinense)

Recently knocked off the "Hotest Chilli" throne by the Carolina Reaper, the Moruga Scorpion rates at just over 2 million shu! Yes the Reaper is officially 10% hotter, but it's sort of like choosing which you'd rather swallow - molten steel or lava?!? Both are going to set your head on fire (and possibly several other body parts too!)

This awesome Chilli was tested at NMSU and Paul Bosland, Director of the Chile Pepper Institute overlooked the process. Senior research specialist Danise Coon went through 4 pairs of latex gloves when handling. She says "The Capsaicin kept penetrating the latex and getting on our hands....that has never happened before".

These tests showed an average heat of aprx 1.2million SCH, with the hottest peppers peaking at over 2 million! Twice as hot as the famous Dorset Naga.

The Moruga is an excellent cooking variety, due to it's superb flavour, and of course exceptional heat, so use sparingly. It can also be used to make delicious hot sauces....or to strip gloss paint!

When grown under the right conditions plants can reach 2m+ high and are very prolific fruiters. Of course if you don't have that sort of space they will grow well in smaller pots in a conservatory, greenhouse, or sunny window.

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