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Peach Habanero Chilli Seeds


Peach Habanero (capsicum chinense)

This is a bit of a mystery plant. It a fairly compact habanero, growing around half a metre tall. It puts out a good crop of mid green, typically habanero shaped pods – smooth, conical shaped and anything up to 2 inches long. They ripen to a beautiful bright peach colour. Cut one open and you are hit with that distinctive habanero aroma. Bite into it and the rich habanero flavour is right there. Wait for that habanero heat to hit you in the mouth… and it doesn’t come! These pods have pretty much zero heat! The first time this happens you’ll wonder if you’ve got a dud pod, but no – this is how they are.
Some people think these are a waste of time. I guess it’s personal preference – we love them. They are superb in salads, salsas, and anything you want to put them in. All the intense flavour, no heat (which you can add with something else if you want to)

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