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Naga Morich (European strain) Chilli Seeds


Naga Morich (Capsicum chinense) - European strain

The chilli that needs no introduction, but I'm going to anyway.

The Naga Morich is regarded as the original Superhot chilli, and with it's close relative the Bhut Jolokia (they are NOT the same as some would have you believe), it was the first to reliably break the magic 1 million Schoville unit barrier. It is, however, a very variable chilli;

Climate and plant origin have a dramatic effect on the heat levels of chillies. The Naga Morich regularly tests just over 1 million SHU, which is why you will see slightly different maximum heat claims depending on the test quoted. What most people will not quote however is that in some areas of India it frequently tests at only half this level or lower, with average heat of 300,000 and a reduced level of capsaicin and dihydrocapsaicin in the pods. Still a hot chilli, but not the superhot it is being sold as.

The seeds for sale here originate from a Spanish chilli farmer, and were selectively bred over 12 generations before being released for sale. The result is a strengthened plant more forgiving of our European climate, which regularly produces a high heat level of over 1 million SHU. It's no hybrid of any kind, just pure selectively bred Naga, and in our opinion it is the best Naga out there. Why not try some and see for yourself.

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