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Fatalii Jigsaw Chilli Seeds


Fatalii Jigsaw (capsicum chinense)

Developed in Finland by chilli madman Jukka Kilpinen, this hybrid of unknown origins has had a fair bit of press, with some rating it as the next superhot champion, and others arguing it doesn't live up to the hype. We don't know about that (and frankly aren't interested) but what we do know is this;

This chilli produces lots of rough skinned pods, which ripen to a deep red. When cut open, the floral fragrance hits you instantly and the amount of oil inside them is more than any other pod we've seen. Flavour is excellent, although again some people don't like it (it is personal taste after all) but you can appreciate the flavour with these, because the heat takes such a long time to build. In fact it is without doubt the slowest building heat of any pod we've ever tried here, but build it does... for about 10 minutes! When it peaks, it is painful to say the least. As for being the hottest, who knows... but the way the heat hits you is unique, and we'd recommend these to any superhot enthusiast!

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